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"The Problem Solver"

  • Stop! Trying to manage reports on Excel spreadsheets.
  • Stop! Using outdated information on funders.
  • Stop! Missing grant deadlines.
  • Stop! Filing interim and final reports late.
  • Stop! Misplacing documents.
  • Stop! Failing to search for connections between your board and funder trustees.
  • Stop! Losing institutional memory through staff turnover.



GrantsTracker is a web‐based grants management subscription database that organizes, tracks, and manages private, corporate, and federal prospects and grant awards, and allows you to produce six essential reports with the press of a keystroke. GrantsTracker includes a number of useful features to save you time and enhance your productivity.

If any of these are a concern, we can help:

  • I keep missing grant deadlines along with interim and final report deadlines.
  • I don't want to invest in expensive databases, I use them too rarely.
  • I don't have time to write and research grant proposals, I am managing this organization.
  • I don’t have resources to hire a full time grant writer or researcher and provide benefits.
  • I keep losing institutional memory through staff turnover.
Research   Proposal Writing   Training

Research is time-consuming and hard work. Resources are expensive and information must be updated frequently. We can save you time and money by conducting the research for you.

Our Premium Software includes the following features:

  • 24/7 Secure web-based access
  • Up to date information on 30 "GT managed funders" of your choice
  • File upload capability
  • Includes all Basic Subscription features

Our rates are reasonable and a genuine timesaver for you. Call or email to subscribe.

  • Premium Subscription (Single User) $325.00 Annually*
  • Premium Subscription (Multiple Users) $425.00 Annually*
  • *First Time User $75 Set Up Fee

You are a smaller organization but are looking for a grant management software to save you both time and money.

Our Basic Software includes the following features:

  • 24/7 Secure web-based access
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of "self managed funders" to your database
  • Add deadlines to your Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Built in "Actions" section
  • Grant management section for each funder

Our rates are reasonable and a genuine timesaver for you.

  • Basic Subscription (Single User) $120.00 Annually
  • Basic Subscription (Multiple Users) $140.00 Annually



Our E-Alert Subscription is a weekly email of upcoming RFP's, Government Grants and Funder's with deadlines. Each Funder links to our secure web-based software providing up to date information.

Currently our E-Alert is for organizations located in Virginia.

Subscribe to the E-Alert for only $150 Annually.

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